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Installing Water Heaters To Upgrade Your Vacaville Property

Water Heaters

If your water heater is seriously out of date, or if your energy bills are skyrocketing thanks to your water heater, it might be the right time to consider a replacement. At Heritage Plumbing, we help our customers in Vacaville choose and install new water heaters that boost efficiency, minimize excess energy consumption, and keep that hot water flowing day and night!

Water heaters are complex and important systems that we all rely on for our day-to-day lives, but like any other home heating system, they can start to wear down with age. In our work as a popular trusted plumber for Vacaville, we don't just seek to swap out old water heaters. We help clients find the updated model that perfectly suits their needs while staying cost-effective and energy-efficient. If you're ready to make the big switch and upgrade your water heating system, then call us at 707-631-1047.

Traditional & Tankless Water Heater Replacement

When comparing different water heaters, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by all the different variables. However, most water heaters can be divided into two basic subtypes: traditional reservoir heaters and tankless water heaters.

Traditional waters store hot water in a storage tank for use. These work well for everyday use in smaller households, but if there are too many people using hot water in the house at once, the reservoir can deplete faster than it can refill. That's why many modern households have switched to tankless water heaters, which heat the water directly as it passes through instead of relying on preheated water in a reservoir.

While pricier to install, tankless water heaters are more efficient if you tend to use a lot of hot water. However, if your home hasn't had a tankless water heater installed before, you may have to make additional upgrades prior to installation. Depending on which option you're leaning towards- traditional or tankless- we'll help you find the best fit for your home and install it for you!

Reducing Water Impurities With Water Treatment Systems

In homes that use a traditional reservoir water heater, one of the biggest causes of efficiency loss is mineral buildup clogging the system. Properties with mineral-heavy hard water are especially vulnerable to these issues, along with other problems like hard water stains, dirty laundry, and skin and hair health issues.

However, the mineral content in your home's water supply can be reduced with the installation of a new, efficient water treatment systems. If you want to reduce the amount of impurities in your water supply, we can help by installing a water treatment system that filters out the specific issues in your water- just give us a call.

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