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Recent Tips and Articles by Heritage Plumbing

Why Drain Cleaners Hurt, Not Help

Few plumbing problems are more obnoxious than a drain that won't drain. The last thing anyone wants is dirty, stagnant water sitting in their tub or sink, so when that water refuses to go down the drain, many people's first instinct is to reach for the […]

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Tell-Tale Signs of Hard Water

Hard water and soft water are terms that get thrown around a lot, especially when talking about plumbing, but a lot of people don't exactly know what they mean. Simply put, the "hardness" of water refers to its level of mineral content, especially minerals like calcium […]

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Choosing The Perfect Water Heater

Thinking about installing a brand-new water heater for your home? If so, you've got a big choice ahead of you. There are a lot of options out there when it comes to water heaters, so it's good to understand common types of water heaters and their […]

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